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MemoPad Pro by MobilePro Reviewed

MobilePro’s MemoPad Pro is aimed at picking up where RIM left off with their MemoPad application. MemoPad Pro gives users organization and flexibility with their note taking and offers mobile synchronization with the website without the need for a BES. Read further to see our full review…


Installation is straight forward and requires the use of the Application Loader. After installing the latest version onto your BlackBerry, it is recommended that you visit and set up an account to enable mobile synchronization. Account setup is easy and requires just two steps. Next, you simply enter your new account information when prompted by MemoPad Pro, and you’re ready for mobile sync with the website!


MemoPad Pro offers users the ability to organize their memos into different categories. Users can create and manage their own categories to further organize their notes. The home screen of MemoPad Pro allows users to quickly switch between viewing memos in any single category and all available categories. Along with categorizing your memos, you can also assign a date. This can be a handy organizational tool when you’re trying to sift through a large number of them.

Users can also sort the memos listed by either the date or title in both ascending and descending orders. This is done by clicking on the column heading (think MS Excel) and choosing OK. Doing this multiple times will change the sort order.

One of the most handy features of MemoPad Pro is the ability to wirelessly synchronize the memos with By simply choosing the “Sync Now” option from the menu, the program sends all the categories and memos to the server. Users can then log in to and manage all their memos from their web interface. Memos can be exported from the web interface into CSV format. At this time, syncing can only be initiated from your BlackBerry.

Perhaps the most useful feature of the online interface is the ability to neatly print memos for a particular category. The website allows you to print them arranged by title and date, which has proven to be a very useful feature.

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