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User Interface

The general look of the application is well thought out. Memos appear with alternating line colors and associated date. The alternating line colors make it very easy to quickly glance at your notes. The currently highlighted memo appears with a red outline around the cell, which is fine when sitting at a desk, but can be a little difficult to pick out while on the go, or in the direct sunlight. Scrolling between notes can be a bit of a process, especially if you have a large number of memos, because you have to scroll through the date and title of every memo visible. MobilePro does make it a bit easier by giving you the “Go to top” and “Go to bottom” option that will allow you to jump quickly to the first or last message in your list.

Creating and editing memos is done very easily and is very similar to that of the standard MemoPad application. For some reason, the date is managed separately from the rest of the memo. This means that when you create a new memo, you will have to go back and change the date after you’re done creating it. It seems that it may have been more convenient to allow the editing of the associated date directly with the title and memo contents instead of having to go to another screen.


MemoPad Pro performs almost as quickly as the standard MemoPad application. Even with a large number of memos, the program seemed quick and responsive. The synchronizing can be a little slow, especially if you have a large number of changes to be made. If you are only adding or deleting a few memos and/or categories, you can expect most syncs to be completed within about 10-15 seconds.


MemoPad Pro certainly provides some major improvements to the standard MemoPad application. The ability to categorize memos and associate dates can prove to be very handy. The mobile synchronization is also a very handy feature, but does have its limitations. For example, if you have any memos with quotation marks in them, you will find that your CSV export will not work properly when you try to import it into say MS Excel (this is because the export uses quotation marks to separate fields).

In general, basic note taking on the BlackBerry has a way to go to catch up with the Sidekick’s note taking ability and 2-way synchronization with its Desktop Interface. It seems like RIM should have included an interface for the notes on the BlackBerry to automatically synchronize with the webclient and vice versa.

MemoPad Pro does provide some great improvements for taking memos on the BlackBerry. While there are still some aspects of the program that could be improved upon (ex. – enter key mapping for the 7100 series ), overall it is a great addition to anyone who finds themselves constantly jotting down notes on their phone.

The program is available for $14.99 at Neon Toad,

Reviewed by Kevin Muller. Kevin Muller is a Wisconsin native turned Chicago regular. He currently manage a Chicago Hip-Hop artist on rise named Marz, so he tends to find himself on the road for 3/4 of the year with touring and business trips to the East and West Coasts. While he’s on the road, his BlackBerry is the connection to the outside world, so having applications that assist with staying in touch are a must.

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