Reqwireless For Blackberry Reviewed

Anyone that has tried the WAP browser on their Blackberry would know the feeling. You spend $20 to $40 a month on a data plan but your browser on your Blackberry is only as good as the one on your friend’s cell phone. Those who are on a BES get the Blackberry browser which displays for the most part proper HTML, but most WAP users are stuck. Reqwireless does provide a solution in the way of Webviewer, a 3rd party HTML browser for your Blackberry. Read what we have to say about it below …


Blackberry’s Desktop Manager Application Loader (no OTA install available at time of review). The install was straight forward and easy. Add it in the Application Loader and off it went with no issues. Very tight install at 51KB.

Setting up

Pretty much set up is only deciding what you want to see. Enabling image viewing, allowing cookies and how the browser is identified when going to a website IE as Internet Explorer. You also have the ability to change the font size, enable Java Script and to use fewer colors which can help with speed. Images won’t look as sharp but sometimes speed is all you need.


We begin by launching the browser which brings you to the Reqwireless Webviewer start-up page, for lack of a better description, as your first stop. Clicking the track wheel will give a menu to enter a “URL” or to go to bookmarks. Chose your bookmark or enter your “URL” and you off. Now depending on the settings you have decided on speed will vary. With images things are a bit slow so the browser can handle the images on the page. Without images I didn’t feel the advantage was worth it on some pages. I was willing, in most cases, to wait the extra few seconds to see that daily Google image. Even browsing an image loaded sight like My Yahoo didn’t seem like a big difference between image VS no image. Now when you put a clock to hit and here some numbers the My Yahoo page actually does take the extra time one would expect. When going to (NCR for no country redirection) it takes nine seconds to load the page without images. After clearing the cache and enabling images and going to the page it took 14 seconds. When going to My Yahoo without images it takes 20 seconds to load. Once images are enabled and the cache is cleared it took 36 seconds to load the page. The actual time surprised me because it didn’t seem that long while just waiting for it. I just got the Blackberry HTML browser pushed out by Nextel and I compared a few site to the Webviewer and Webviewer, hands down, just looks better. Without really digging into it I can’t say why but that is just the way it is. I saw no point in comparing it to a WAP browser (NOL from Nextel in this case).

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June 11th, 2005 at 2:29 am

It would be nice to have OTA support.

to view a webpage in the same way as in IE - RIM Blackberry Forums -
December 10th, 2006 at 3:57 pm

[…] permalink Try searching for ReqWireless WebViewer - it does allow some sort of full IE type functionality… BBCool has a review on it here: www [dot] blackberrycool [dot] com/2005/05/26/00481/ OB. […]

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