Palm CEO On Blackberry Connect


Andrew from Treonauts has an interesting tidbit for when he attended Palm’s CEO speech at MobileSummit. When Ed Colligan was asked on his thoughts about Blackberry Connect, he states that there was little interest from carriers for the present version of Blackberry Connect on the Treo and that this was the primary reason why it had not yet been made available. Pictures of Blackberry Connect on the Treo were released earlier this year at 3GSM World but there has been no serious developments since then.

On the recent name change, Ed reiterated that this was naturally excellent news and a major future benefit to palmOne. Pat McVeigh, PalmSource’s interim CEO, noted that with only a few hundred clients compared to palmOne’s many millions it was obvious which company could best exploit the brand. In this vein, it was also noted that PalmSource would for its part however soon (within four years) have to change its name but he did not provide an indication as to what direction this might take. Additionally, Pat pointed out that a change of name would actually provide PS with more freedom to approach competing handset manufacturers.

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