Blackberry Cool Gets A Fresh Design


Unlike most Americans who were taking the Memorial long-weekend as an excuse to go on a road trip or just relax for an extra day, we at BBCool had other ideas. As you may have notice we revised the site with a much cleaner, fresher, and friendlier design. The new site is not just all about looks though, we have added a new BlackBerry Hardware Guide and BlackBerry Software Directory.

The BlackBerry Hardware Guide is ment for new users who are looking for quick information on Blackberry devices before buying. We allow users to rate and review particular BlackBerry models, so go ahead and share your info and help the community.


The Software Directory will be an up-to-date directory full of software titles for the BlackBerry device. Users will be able to read, download, rate, and review hundreds of software titles for the BlackBerry. Software titles for the BlackBerry device will be added for the next 2-3 weeks, so check back often for new titles.

* Publishers, please email to learn how to get your program added to the database for free!


Please post any feedback including good or bad plus any bugs that you come upon.

4 Responses to “Blackberry Cool Gets A Fresh Design”

  1. 1 Henry

    Wow! Site looks real good, keep up the good work!

    A few things I noticed:

    1. No software, im guessing you’ll add them later.
    2. The sidebar system for Hardware and Software directory is not complete.
    3. Google ad doesn’t show on some pages.

    Other than that, it’s pretty nice. I haven’t really seen anyone use the green/orange/gray color scheme before, and I must say it looks pretty good. Seems like everyone is doing blue these days, which is getting old.

    Anyways keep up the good work, you guys have came a long way.

  2. 2 Jeffrey Bacon

    also, some of the CSS doesn’t render correctly in Firefox.

  3. 3 Wil

    Looks great!

    Yeah, a few Firefox issues, but all in all it’s a change for the better.

  4. 4 Mike

    Looks very good!

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