Deleting Multiple Emails

Has your Blackberry inbox become too big and you wanted to clean it? There are several ways you can do it, delete each message at a time which would take forever, highlight each message which could kill your thumb by scrolling so much or using Delete Prior. Delete Prior is a feature that allows you to easily delete emails from that day on. What you do is highlight the date you want to delete the messages from and wheel-click and hit “Delete Prior”. A very simple tip that could save you some headaches.

14 Responses to “Deleting Multiple Emails”

  1. 1 Pete

    Hi this is indeed a useful tool, but one thing that BIS users should note is that if you have set up wireless reconcilliation to remove emails from the BIS when deleted on the handheld. Using the delete prior function will mean the emails are not deleted of the BIS unfortunately. :(

  2. 2 Buzzy

    If you need to use this function, I suggest you use the Caps&Roll technique.
    You hold the Caps lock and, you choose the e-mails you want to delete. Then, press the wheel and, choose delete messages. If you’re blackberry is set “Delete on : Prompt”, you will receive the message asking where you wan’t to delete the mails !!

  3. 3 Chris Caputo

    Thanks! I’ve been looking for this tip.

  4. 4 David

    what if I have moved my messages to a folder? the delete prior only works if the messages are still in the inobx.

  5. 5 scott

    Super thanks! Ultra helpful. But I noticed that the Delete Prior only appears in the pop up menu of choices, when you:
    -are at the top of the inbox highlighting the last date, not when you are on an individual message
    -or when you select a folder, like sms inbox selections.

    Really helpful tho, thanks

  6. 6 val

    Thanks. That tip was exactly what I needed. Much more useful than the delete prior. I frequently find myself needing to do a delete aft