Mobatech Launches Mobile Checkbook and Mobile Bartender Applications

Mobatech, a developer of leading edge personal productivity software for cellular phones, today announced its best-selling Mobile Checkbook and Mobile Bartender applications are now available for popular RIM BlackBerry handheld devices. BlackBerry customers can download both products at either or for a one-time fee of less than $15 each. This post may seem familiar, we actually falsely reported the launch of May 4th, our apologize to Mobatech.

Since its inception in 2003, Mobatech has been dedicated to developing high quality mobile solutions that customers will find easy to use and beneficial to their everyday lives. Both the Mobile Checkbook and Mobile Bartender applications have shared lengthy stints atop the Handango list of best-selling applications for cellular phones in the personal productivity category, and both products currently rank among the lists’ top-five. Handango is the leading provider of mobile downloads, working with more than 10,000 software development companies around the world.

Mobatech first launched its Mobile Checkbook application in 2003, providing consumers with an easy way to enter banking transactions and maintain their checking account balances via a standard cell phone. Like its predecessor, the BlackBerry version supports an unlimited number of bank accounts and provides users with the ability to export their transaction list over the air to their home e-mail account for permanent storage and printing purposes in either Excel or Quicken file formats. Mobile Checkbook is the first and only checkbook application for BlackBerry devices that supports desktop synching functionality.

Mobile Bartender, recently named Motorola’s best-selling application in the fourth quarter of 2004, includes nearly 200 drink recipes - the most comprehensive of any cell phone bartender guide - and brings a number of firsts to BlackBerry devices. The application’s easy-to-use menu option provides users with the ability to search by liquor type, the first letter of the drink, or the name of a particular shot category. Users also have the ability to earmark recipes as “favorites” for future reference.

Both products have been updated with enhanced features for BlackBerry devices including improved graphics and a user interface that takes advantage of BlackBerry handheld controls including the BlackBerry scroll wheel.

“The mobile industry is witnessing phenomenal growth surrounding the number of applications being developed for and adopted by BlackBerry customers,” said Greg Schwartz, Mobatech’s founder and CEO. “We’re excited to apply the tremendous experience we’ve developed in the feature phone market to bring our leading edge software to an entirely new class of products. Without question, BlackBerry has become the modern day ‘don’t leave home without it’ device and we’re excited to give users two more exciting and practical reasons to keep their BlackBerry at their side with Mobile Checkbook and Mobile Bartender.”

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    i just recently tried to download the mobile checkbook for the blackberry pearl and i was not able to download it. and i didn’t get any emails from you and i already paid for it too.. can you resend me emails to my email address

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