Verizon Buying ALLTEL?

View Comments is reporting that Verizon and Alltel have been in the talks of a possible merger:

Haven’t been able to confirm this yet, so take it as a rumor for now, but we just got a tip that Verizon Wireless and ALLTEL have been in merger talks for the past few weeks (and by merger we pretty much mean acquisition, since it’d most likely be Verizon swallowing up ALLTEL)

Although Om Malik says it is unlikely because of Verizon’s pevious merger with MCI that they are still trying work out the kinks and that it is still too early for them to even think about another acquisition.

  • Alltel/Cell1 Customer
    I sure as hell hope that verizon doesn't buy up cell 1/alltel, I just changed from verizon wireless because of such terrible charges.. That company has the worst accounting system ever, I have had this problem 2 times with them. Over 4 years and they still haven't got it right.. Both times I have had extremely high bills, and I have terminated my contracts with them also, I hate that company. I hope it goes bankrupt
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