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Voice Genesisâ„¢, a mobile messaging software company, today announced the immediate availability of Vemailâ„¢, voice-enabled email for mobile phones, to customers of Alltel and other major wireless carriers listed at Vemail makes it faster and easier for customers to send and receive email messages because they can not only retrieve, read and type email, but they can also speak email messages.

“Vemail is unique in its combination of a visual interface for message review and voice interface for message response,” said J. Gerry Purdy, Ph.D., principal analyst with Cupertino based MobileTrax. “Anyone with a desire to access email outside the office should take a look at Vemail. It’s part of a growing trend for voice to become part of the email experience.” Speaking messages is estimated to be 20 times faster than typing on a mobile phone keypad, even with predictive text entry.(i) Customers can download Vemail over the air directly into their mobile phones and enjoy unlimited use for a low monthly fee of about $5.(ii)

“The biggest drawback of past mobile email solutions has been the pain of typing messages on a phone keypad — Vemail eliminates this problem and provides an email solution for mobile phones that is convenient for everyone,” said Mark Marriott, CEO of Voice Genesis. “We are delighted to work with Alltel and other wireless carriers to supply their customers with a new way to access and send email from their mobile phones.”

Vemail provides customers with the best of both worlds: the ability to read email with their eyes and respond to or create messages with their voice, resulting in a much faster and easier mobile email experience.

Affordable, low cost solution

Low monthly fee of about $5 per month Vemail can be downloaded over the air straight into a mobile phone. Available from Alltel and a number of other wireless carriers, Vemail currently supports more than 25 mobile phone models from Audiovox, LG, Motorola, Samsung and UTStarcom. For more details on wireless carriers offering Vemail and supported phones, visit

About Voice Genesis

Voice Genesis is a mobile messaging software company that provides mobile professionals and consumers with easier access to email and other messages when they are out of the office or away from home. The company’s first product, Vemail, is voice-enabled email for mobile phones that is faster and easier to use than other mobile email solutions because you can retrieve, read, type or speak email messages. Voice Genesis products are based on its powerful, patent-pending VUUMâ„¢ messaging server which is designed to handle all message types for all popular devices in all interface modes. For more on Voice Genesis, visit

(i) Based on an estimated 120 seconds to type a 100 character message versus 6 seconds to speak the same message.

(ii) Airtime charges may apply depending on carrier plan.

(iii) Support depends on phone RAM: 400KB ~ 1,000 contacts, 512KB ~ 3,000 contacts, 1MB+ ~ 10,000 contacts

Susan Spencer for Voice Genesis
Spencer Communications

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