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The Blackberry device is a wonderful thing, it allows me to receive and send email, read the news, check my bank account, and now encourage my drinking. Mobatech has released a program called Mobile Bartender that includes over 200 drink recipes and being the lush that I am was very interested. Read further for our mini-review …


There is no trial mode for the program so installing Over-The-Air (OTA) is out of the question. The program is very small, only taking up 93 kb of your memory.


The program categorizes drinks into three main categories: Drink Menu, Shooter Menu, and Drop Shot Menu. Drink Menu is where you’ll find your cocktails; it is by far the largest cocktail. One can either search by liquor or by entering the first letter of the drink’s name. It’s probably best to search by liquor because when you’re searching by first letter you will miss out on the different variance of the drink. For example, you can search for ‘D’ and get daiquiri, but the search will not come up with strawberry or banana daiquiri.

Another big issue of the program is that it only lists ingredients but doesn’t instruct on how to make the drink. This is a major oversight on the developers, especially with the sort of complexity some drinks require. However if you are some what experienced and just need a quick reference of ingredients this sort of format will work.

The Shooter Menu is your second biggest category and you can either search by liquor, first letter, or category which is basically searching by flavor. Categories are listed as candy, fruity, sexy, and deadly. The final drink category is Drop Shot, here you can find the recipe for Car Bomb, Jager Bomb, and Slammer.


Mobile Bartender is a convenient way to carry around a drink recipe. You can use at a bar to order some exotic cocktails and impress your guy/lady friend. But the issue of not having any instructions is a major one and one should be aware of that before purchasing the product.

The program is available for $12.95 at Neon Toad,

Visit the following page for screenshots …

  • William
    Hi! I'm a bartender and wanted a handy reference to work with when we get those strange orders. I have a Blackberry and love to pile in any software I can use. No doubt this will be a useful tool and will easily settle disputes with co-workers (and sometimes guests :) ).
    I know this is a relatively new release, v. 1.0. I hope Mobatech will expand the dB soon. I've seen websites with as many as 5 times the number of recipes. Not to say this program should as well, but more would be better. My initial searches did not find about 5 popular shots, so I'm looking forward to added data.
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