Consilient End User Training Reviewed


Let’s face it, the Blackberry handheld is a fairly complicated device with a learning curve. The manual and documentation that comes with your handheld is sufficient for most technical geeks to decipher but not everyone using a Blackberry is so technically inclined. A few days with the Blackberry should be sufficient for most to grasp the basic aspects of the handheld, but who has a few days especially when it comes to busy professionals. That’s where Consilient Wireless University comes in, they offer either half a day onsite training or 2 hours via a web conference. We had an opportunity to partake in the end user class and here are our thoughts …

Getting Started

Our trainer/instructor was to be Jason Murphy, which we would find out during the course to be very knowledgeable of Blackberry devices. We did our training through web conferencing so we had to make sure our computer and browser were compatible. The conference software we used was Oracle, which we found out didn’t work in Mozilla so we had to do the simple but reluctant switch to Internet Explorer. Once we logged in, it was your typical web conference screen where we were able to view Jason’s desktop and follow along.


The training has two parts, a general overview where Jason explained a few key Blackberry terms and intros to the BES, Desktop Software, and Handheld. Once we familiarize ourselves with the basics the real training starts. There are 13 topics to cover and there are as follow:

1. Introduction
2. Home Screen
3. Messaging
4. Address Book
5. Calendar
6. Phone
7. Browser
8. Memos and Tasks
9. Options
10. Message Reconciliation
11. Blackberry Desktop Software
12. Tips & Tricks
13. FAQ

As you can see, pretty much the whole spectrum is covered. We would have liked to see some sort of topic covering 3rd party software but with so much out there it would have extended the training over the 2 hours mark. However if you had a specific question on 3rd party software we’re sure Jason could help.

Training is done like a typical classroom training, you’re given a power point where you can follow along. After each topic, Jason opens up to any questions and makes sure you grasp the topic and not get lost before starting the next one. Consilient limits the number of “students” to 10 which allows the training to flow better. Another great aspect of web training is that with complicated subjects like setting up message filters, Jason can show you exactly how on his desktop so you can see for yourself.


Pricing for the End User Course on site for a maximum 10 participants per session (½ day) will cost you $1500. Web conference prices are $80 per attendee and also limit the number to 10 people. Prices for the other Blackberry courses will vary.


Even though we’re fairly advanced on Blackberry subjects, we did learn things from the course. New or basic Blackberry users will see much more value in the training. We highly recommend the course for any new Blackberry deployment. Seeing how a firm may spend thousands or hundreds of thousands on their deployment, you want to make sure that every employee is getting the most from their Blackberry.

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  • Mike

    Do they cover installing 3rd party apps via the BlackBerry Desktop Manager?

  • Mike

    Do they cover installing 3rd party apps via the BlackBerry Desktop Manager?