New York’s BlackBerry Center to Open June 16


BlackBerry(r) has become a very popular wireless communications solution for mobile professionals — popular enough to command the need for a store dedicated to BlackBerry. Launching on June 16th and open to the public on June 17th is BreakThrough Wireless, “New York’s BlackBerry Center.” Located on 109 West 39th Street off of Sixth Avenue and across from landmark Bryant Park, BreakThrough Wireless will offer a variety of BlackBerry Wireless Handhelds(tm) from carriers including Nextel Communications, Inc., T-Mobile USA, and Cingular Wireless. The retail location will also offer BlackBerry Enterprise Server(tm), BlackBerry Internet service set-up, third-party applications for BlackBerry, and BlackBerry accessories. BlackBerry is developed and manufactured by Research In Motion .

BreakThrough Wireless president Manny Garcia said, “We’re excited to be opening the first store dedicated to BlackBerry in the city that makes it all happen. This is the first store in New York dedicated to BlackBerry that also offers support, training, consulting, and printing applications for BlackBerry.”

If you want an easy-to-use device that offers email, phone, text messaging, browser, organizer, and corporate data applications, then BreakThrough Wireless, “New York’s BlackBerry Center” is for you. You’ll feel the power as you walk out of BreakThrough Wireless knowing how to put technology to work for you. Among the added perks to the retail operation is a series of on-site training sessions on how to use BlackBerry.

Personalized customer service includes BlackBerry Enterprise server installations and support, support for BlackBerry third-party applications including printing applications for BlackBerry handhelds that support Bluetooth(r), and an innovative technology that allows users to process credit cards transactions via BlackBerry. In-house training also provides valuable education for mobile professionals using BlackBerry including attorneys, realtors, business professionals, and individuals looking to build their careers by being more productive and responsive while away from their desks. Corporate setups and BlackBerry rentals are additional incentives available at BreakThrough Wireless for streamlining labor and increasing effectiveness. BlackBerry provides individuals, corporations, and businesses, small or large, with a competitive advantage as they remain connected to people and information while on the go.

BreakThrough Wireless VP Darwin Valencia said, “We’ve been working diligently to provide customers with the latest BlackBerry devices, software and third-party applications. Customers can come and see these ‘must-have’ products at our exclusive BreakThrough Wireless store opening on June 17 at 109 West 39th Street off Sixth Avenue and across from Bryant Park.”

The BlackBerry and RIM families of related marks, images, and symbols are the exclusive properties and trademarks of Research In Motion Limited.