Vodafone Group Changes European Mobile Data Pricing


Vodafone Group PLC said Monday that following the success of the Vodafone Mobile Connect 3G datacard it will introduce two significant changes in the pricing of mobile data. Vodafone will introduce a new roaming data tariff, which “provides clarity and predictability for our customers travelling abroad.” The telco is doubling the countries offering its flat rate, unlimited usage, domestic data tariff.

“The Vodafone Mobile Connect 3G datacard has truly enabled business mobility.

“Now, more than 300,000 business customers are benefiting from the invaluable flexibility of being able to work wherever they are,” said Peter Bamford, Chief Marketing Officer at Vodafone.

“Vodafone has now made the service even better by adding great value data tariffs.

Vodafone said the Monthly Travel Tariff “brings great value to our business customers and underlines Vodafone’s commitment to offer its customers simple and predictable pricing when using its roaming services.”

Specifically tailored to suit the needs of business travellers, the new roaming tariff gives customers predictable data costs by charging a flat rate of EUR75 per month, or GBP50 for Vodafone U.K. customers, to send or receive up to 100 MB of data when using the Vodafone Mobile Connect service on participating Vodafone networks.

Martin Gutberlet, Principal EMEA Analyst at Gartner, said: “Currently, business travellers can incur data charges of up to EUR15 per MB, depending on where they are.”

“These kinds of charges are simply not sustainable in the long term and could lead to companies putting limits on the amount of work done remotely.

“Reducing the price of data services addresses the real needs of business users and is exactly the direction the industry should go in order to drive up usage of 3G networks,” he said in a statement.

With 3G data rates of up to 384kbps, the Vodafone Mobile Connect 3G datacard enables Vodafone’s business customers to access all their usual office applications like e-mail, calendar and internet.

The reliability and ease of use of the Vodafone Mobile Connect 3G datacard, coupled with the Vodafone 3G national and international network coverage, means greater business productivity and enhanced responsiveness for businesses.

The Vodafone Mobile Connect Monthly Travel Tariff will be made available to Vodafone customers in Greece, Italy and Portugal in June, followed closely by Germany and the U.K. in July.

The tariff will also be made available to Vodafone customers in Hungary, the Netherlands, Spain and Sweden in due course.

Vodafone said this is the second roaming pricing initiative to be launched in the last few weeks and forms part of the Vodafone Travel Promise.

Vodafone’s domestic, flat rate data tariffs offer unlimited usage for just EUR50-EUR99 per month.

“Business customers will now have the flexibility to work whenever, and wherever, rather than worrying about data usage levels,” Vodafone said.

Vodafone has already launched the new bundles in a number of its European markets including Germany, Hungary, the Netherlands, Portugal and Sweden and following positive customer feedback, is now rolling out the unlimited data pricing model across the rest of Europe.

The new Vodafone Mobile Connect domestic data usage bundles is available from June in Greece, Ireland, Italy, and Spain followed by the United Kingdom in July.