Berryvine RSS Reviewed


Berryvine RSS
Yes you guessed it, Yet Another RSS Review, we should probably add a new category just for RSS programs because it seems like a new one is being released every few weeks. We’re not complaining though, with each launch the RSS programs seem to get better and better. This time RSIC the developers of Berryvine Messenger have come out with their own RSS program called Berryvine RSS. RSS stands for Real Simple Syndicate, it allows users to subscribe to a “feed” like Blackberry Cool, BBC News, MSNBC, and nearly every content site on the internet these days. It has become popular because it allows readers to skip the advertisements and it has become popular for mobile users because it just downloads the text so it saves on bandwidth. So read further to what we have to say about Berryvine RSS.


RSIC does it a bit differently than everyone else, you actually download an executable file where you run it and it runs a .bat file to automatically load onto your device via Java Loader. For new Blackberry users this is a great idea because it streamlines the install process and users don’t need to figure out how to run Application Loader. For us we were a bit skittish when we saw the program running a .bat file. We rather install the program the conventional way through Application Loader but can understand why RSIC decided to go to the executable file.


When we first ran Berryvine RSS we were surprised how simple the layout is, categories are colored to easy differentiate. General news is red, technology is light blue, finance is green, entertainment is orange, and weather is gray. By marking feeds with colors it also simplifies the layout by having one less screen to navigate. Some other RSS readers would dump all the feeds into one screen just like Berryvine RSS but they were hard to organize because there was no way to differentiate feeds.

Now it just doesn’t stop there, Berryvine adds a Find feature so if you’re an RSS addict and subscribe to a whole bunch of feeds you can quickly find the right feed. The find feature works on the fly so as soon as you type it’ll automatically filter the feeds which is a very nice touch.