Berryvine RSS Reviewed


Reading RSS feeds is very simple; it requires just 2 wheel-clicks. Another option is that you can view the description of news articles. When you do that it’ll automatically download the first few lines of all the news articles. There is also a feature to visit the article through your Blackberry Browser so if you’re reading a review through RSS you can visit the link to see the screenshots.

Adding and editing RSS feeds is done through the main menu, you enter the name, the RSS URL, and choose the category. However you should note that Berryvine RSS only supports RSS 2.0 which shouldn’t be too much of a problem these days because sites syndicate in multiple formats and 2.0 is usually one of them.


We’re very please with Berryvine RSS, seeing that this was a 1.0 release makes it even more impressive. Usually we have some suggestions to improving the program but RSIC has nailed every aspect of what an RSS Reader for the Blackberry should be. Most likely due to the fact they had a dozen of other RSS readers to play with and improved on, but we’re not complaining. If you’re going to buy an RSS reader for your Blackberry, this is the one. It is also highly attractively priced at only $6.95 on Neon Toad.

The program is available for $6.95 at Neon Toad,

Visit the following page for screenshots …