PortWise Delivers First Token-less Two-Factor Authentication Solution for BlackBerry


PortWise, provider of the industry’s first fully integrated Secure Application Access platform, today announced support for BlackBerry(R) devices from Research in Motion to provide strong two-factor authentication, affording organizations who have adopted BlackBerry with protection against identify theft without the expensive deployment of dedicated hardware tokens. Broadening support of its industry leading software based two-factor authentication solution from Windows Mobile and Symbian-based SmartPhones or PDAs to Blackberry devices extends the PortWise vision of empowering customers with secure application access from any location, using any device.

BlackBerry is the fastest growing mobile productivity platform, providing millions of users with integrated wireless access over a range of applications including email, enterprise applications, and business data. Using the PortWise solution, IT organizations can ensure that this distributed workforce can access critical business applications without exposing themselves to the threat of security breaches.

“BlackBerry devices are becoming increasingly dominant in the mobile enterprise, particularly in North America,” said Jonathan Martin, Chief Marketing Officer, PortWise. “Customers are demanding the ability to leverage these devices to provide a second factor of authentication as a replacement for hardware token-based authentication solutions, which are costly to implement and maintain. Organizations taking the PortWise approach to strong two-factor authentication can instantly recognize a cost savings of over 40 percent versus dedicated hardware tokens.”

In mid-2005 PortWise announced the release of the industry’s first fully comprehensive, integrated, and completely extensible software platform for Secure Application-Centric Access. The PortWise 4.0 software platform provides a holistic approach to secure internal and external access to applications. Going beyond a traditional point security product deployment, the PortWise software platform offers a rich, integrated suite addressing all aspects of secure application access, including user device assessment, strong user authentication, policy-based user authorization, secure clientless access, access auditing and compliance, and session clean-up. Using the PortWise software enables organizations to securely mobilize their workforce and boost productivity of employees and partners while completely protecting the integrity of their organization.