Push to Talk standards finally Ratified


The Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) has announced the availability of the OMA Push To Talk Over Cellular 1.0 Candidate Enabler (OMA PoC 1.0) that provides an industry standard for push to talk over cellular services.

OMA PoC 1.0 incorporates key features of other OMA Enablers, including OMA XML Document Management Enabler and OMA Presence Enabler. These Enablers contribute group list management and integration of users’ presence & availability information to OMA PoC 1.0.

“Finalizing the OMA Push to Talk Over Cellular specification is a major milestone for the mobile industry. Many operators already offer PoC services to their consumer and business customers, and vendors build their products accordingly. However, what the industry awaited is a common, agreed, open standard for facilitating interoperability between equipment and services,” said Jari Alvinen, Chairman of the Board, Open Mobile Alliance.

OMA recently held the first Interoperability TestFest for OMA PoC 1.0, where six servers and eight clients deploying the OMA PoC 1.0 Enabler were tested. OMA Interoperability TestFests are an important step in the OMA Release Program where basic inter-working of services between several suppliers can be tested in a production environment.