RIM has NTP ‘workaround’ for every BlackBerry


Research In Motion Ltd.’s “workaround” technology, designed to skirt patents at the center of its legal battle with NTP Inc., could be used on all existing and future BlackBerry devices, the firm’s co-chief executive said on Thursday.

“Part of what we have done is a workaround. We’ve completed it. We’ve tested it and we have a legal opinion on it, so it’s an option,” RIM co-chief executive Jim Balsillie told Reuters.

“The structure of the workaround would be something that could be deployed broadly. So the architecture of it, and I’ll give no more comments beyond this, works for all BlackBerries out there.”

RIM, which helped popularize mobile e-mailing with its thumb-operated BlackBerry, rattled investors earlier this month with news it failed to finalize its $450 million patent dispute settlement with closely held U.S.-based patent holding company NTP.

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