Singapore Start-Ups Gears up to take on Blackberry


Start-up Mozat Pte Ltd has launched a push-e-mail solution that it claims could give the popular BlackBerry service a run for its money. Mozat launched its mOrange mobile communication application suite at CommunicAsia last week.

‘The mOrange is beyond simple push e-mail, and is fully integrated with Microsoft Office 2003,’ said Michael Yin, chief executive of Mozat. ‘We have a better product on hand than what’s available in the market today.’

Another benefit of the mOrange solution is low start-up cost and low operational costs. Pricing for an mOrange set-up for 10 mobile users starts from $1,700. Users work on mobile phones that run on the Symbian operating system or are enabled with the Java 2 Micro Edition.

‘This eliminates the need for device upgrades,’ Mr Yin said. ‘The server software also easily integrates with existing enterprise infrastructure, so there’s no need for additional hardware.’

Mozat was started in 2002. In 2003, it received $600,000 funding from the Economic Development Board’s Seeds (Startup Enterprise Development Scheme) and the National University of Singapore.

In 2004, the company recorded a turnover of $300,000, of which 65 per cent was from overseas markets.

Mr Yin said SingTel and China Mobile are its customers, and the company currently has 23 employees, including 15 in Singapore.