Another glitch brings down BlackBerry


RIM said Wednesday its popular wireless e-mail service was interrupted for some users for the second time in a week because of a hardware problem.

“There was a hardware failure this afternoon and the backup system functioned with lower capacity than expected,” RIM said in an e-mail statement. The issue has been resolved. Service has been restored and the system is processing traffic at normal levels.”

The Waterloo, Ontario-based firm said the degree of interruption varied by customer, but it appeared that most users saw service return to normal within an hour. A RIM (Research) spokeswoman declined to say how many of its more than 3 million subscribers were affected, and whether the problem was confined to North America or was global. She said no e-mails were lost.

The latest interruption followed a similar service glitch Friday, when some customers suffered outages lasting two minutes to two hours.

The spokeswoman said the latest problem was unrelated to the Friday outages.