More NTP Patents Rejected


Two more of the disputed patents in the ongoing legal battle between Canadian wireless-device maker Research In Motion and the holding company NTP have been rejected, a lawyer for NTP confirmed Wednesday.

James Wallace, an attorney for NTP, a holding company set up to manage the patents of deceased inventor Thomas Campagna, said that the U.S. Patent and Trade Office had issued a rejection of two of the eight patents it had decided to review as a result of the patent infringement lawsuit between NTP and RIM. The latest two rejections bring the total number of NTP patents rejected in the matter to seven.

Wallace said the action was expected and that the decision is far from final. He said that there are several procedural and legal avenues under which NTP could appeal the rejections, and that ultimately NTP could take the patent office itself to court.

Wallace said such an appeals process could take years and suggested that it has little bearing on its case against RIM. He also said that NTP still intends to enforce an injunction that would end the sale of BlackBerry devices in the U.S. and suspend operation of RIM’s wildly popular wireless e-mail service.

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