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From the first release in 1979 Pac-Man was a major success, it would later become a pop-culture icon of the 1980s and be forever synonymous with Atari and console gaming. It was the first game to appeal to a wide audience from young to old or male or female. Now you can also enjoy Pac-Man on your Blackberry, well a clone of it anyways. BerryGames has released a clone of Pac-Man called White Ninja. We had a chance to play with it and it definitely brought back some fond memories.

White Ninja takes the Pac-Man premise but changes it a bit and adds somewhat of a story line. You are suppose to be some sort of Ninja that starts on the garden grounds and tries to make it to the Golden Palace – think Bruce Lee’s movie The Game of Death. Although the developers tried to add a different element to the game, there is no convincing us. It still looks and feels like Pac-Man, which isn’t horrible because it is hard to improve such a classic game.

The game play is identical to the original, you go around collecting pills while four monsters chase you around. The power pills just like the original will give you super powers to eat the monsters for some extra points. There are a total of 10 levels split into 5 ‘scenes’ like the garden, lake, and golden palace. The actual maze doesn’t change when you go from one scene to the other, only the maze color will change. Animation of the game was fairly smooth, not the best but very playable. If you have an older or slower Blackberry like the 77xx series you may find some animation issues.

Game controls can be improved, we had a hard time adjusting to using Q-A for vertical movement and I-O for horizontal movement. A better solution would have been to use Y-G-H-J combo which would act like the directional keys on your keyboard. As far as the enemy, they actually seem harder then the original Pac-Man. Although this could be related to us being slowed down by the controls.

The game is actually quite challenging, seeing that there’s only 10 levels you may think there isn’t too much playability but that isn’t the case. We had a great time playing the game, it was nice to relive one of the classics. We highly recommend it, especially for anyone that was a kid of the 80’s.

The program is available for $9.95 at Neon Toad, http://www.neontoad.com

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