Olive Tree Bible Software Announces BibleReader For Blackberry

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Olive Tree Bible Software announced the introduction of their BibleReader(TM) software developed exclusively for Blackberry devices. This program enables the user to utilize the multiple versions of the Bible also offered by Olive Tree. Developed initially for the Palm and Pocket PC, this new technology has unique features and performance enhancements designed specifically for the BlackBerry. Until now, users had only a very limited selection of software offerings of this type available.

“Many users are migrating from Pocket PCs to BlackBerrys and other Smartphone devices,” says Stephen Johnson, Senior Software Engineer. “We wanted to meet the growing demand for the various translations that are most often requested.”

In addition to the KJV and the NIV — the most widely read translation in the world with over 215 million copies worldwide — they offer 15 other popular Bible translations, including the KJV and NASB.

“BlackBerry is a shining example of something done right — a bright star in the universe of mobile computing,” says Drew Haninger, President of Olive Tree. “We are delighted to make so many versions of the Bible available to our users.”

About Olive Tree Bible Software

Olive Tree Bible Software provides Bible versions and study tools for Palm OS, Pocket PC, Smartphone and Symbian cell phones, and BlackBerry devices. They publish over 60 electronic translations of the Bible as well as commentaries, dictionaries, eBooks, and parsing tools. The Bible is offered in various languages, including German, French, and Spanish Chinese, Portuguese, Indonesian, and more. Original Hebrew and Greek texts are also available. Additionally, web and online cell phone (WAP) Bible search engines are provided. Visit www.OliveTree.com.

  • Irwan Gunawan
    Hi, I'm looking for Bible in Indonesian version. Thanks. GBU
  • Bryan - Perth, AU
  • Ken Barrett

    I'm looking for the KJV of the bible for the BlackBerry Storm.


  • Robert Gordon
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