Importing SIM Phone Book To Your Address Book

Sim Card
A SIM card stands for Subscriber Identity Module, on most mobile phones the SIM card is the place where it holds the address book and SMS messages. The SIM card is less important on the Blackberry because the address book is stored on the built-in flash memory or it can wireless sync your Outlook address book. But their may be a time where you want to retrieve the address book off a SIM, especially when you are a new Blackberry user coming from a regular mobile phone and want to import your contacts.

To import contact information from your SIM card to your handheld Address Book:

1. On the handheld Home screen, click the Address Book icon.
2. Click the trackwheel and select SIM Phone Book. The SIM phone book is loaded.
3. Click on the contact you want to import and select Add to Address Book.
4. In the New Address screen, add any additional information.

* Note: CDMA Blackberry users are out of luck because they don’t use SIM cards.

22 Responses to “Importing SIM Phone Book To Your Address Book”

  1. 1 ChedarDog

    Yes but have you actually done this? I see the menu option on an AT&T device w/ OS, but it does not read the SIM. I get an “Error accessing SIM” msg.

    The Menu option doesn’t show up on a Nextel Device.

  2. 2 Dan McDonald

    This worked perfectly on my (Dad’s) 7100t with a fairly old SIM card. The previous phone was a Nokia 3390b (gold). The service is T-Mobile (was VoiceStream when he got the previous phone.)

  3. 3 deedee

    well how do u do the opposite? copy all contacts from addressbood to the sim book? I have a T-mobile 7290 i think.

  4. 4 Apurva

    i have a 7100g and need to copy my address book to my sim card… is this possible? i see the ability to do it 1 by 1, but i have nearly 400 contacts…quite a tedious task… any other options? thanks!

  5. 5 Rafal

    when I try to do it I get “denied access to SIM”
    any idea what is wrong?

  6. 6 Nirav

    I need to copy all my addresses from the blackberry 7100 to my SIM. how do i do that?

  7. 7 Chris

    When I hit SIM phone book, it began loading and the screen froze. Any idea on how to sor this out?

  8. 8 Denzil

    Has anyone figured out how to copy all contacts from SIM to internal memory? To copy one by one can be very frustrating.

  9. 9 ashwin.shah

    i need munal booklet for handset 7100g use pls help me

  10. 10 ashwin.shah

    how do i delete entaier phone book in hand set & need booklet how to use 7100g

  11. 11 Jenny

    I went to the address icon, it wanted me to add people and it didn’t list the choices.

  12. 12 LARRY

    Can I have 2 duplicate sim cards to put in 2 seperate phnes so that I can answere either phone when it rings??? ande how would I do it???

  13. 13 LARRY

    Please email me at with duplicate sim answere

  14. 14 Curtis

    I switched from a cingular LG phone to the blackberry pearl on att and all i get when i try to import my sim phone books is no entries. I know for a fact that all my contacts are on the card but the pearl isn’t reading them. any help would be appreciated.

  15. 15 william cherutich

    please send me procure of the lastest nokia phone.
    my mail adress is 45, njoro nakuru kenya
    mobile +254-721896454

  16. 16 Leah

    I know how to copy the SIM to the address book but how do I copy the address book to the SIM?

  17. 17 Gareth

    Leah, This cannot be done on a BlackBerry.

  18. 18 Ty

    What do you do when you click on the address book icon and move the trackwheel and nothing pops up? No drop down box with SIM phone book pops up.

  19. 19 Dries

    you ask for the whole menu and than you can ask copy everything

  20. 20 "freshman"


    when you select the address book, then you should press the button with blackberry icon

  21. 21 Veegee

    i need to know the fastest and easiest way to transfer the addresses on my blackberry to my nokia N91. please give me suggestions.


  22. 22 Fanta Ed

    To import ALL contacts from SIM, click on “set up wizard”, you should see a line for “import contacts from SIM”.. Good luck.

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