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Teens prefer mobiles to the internet


Enpocket has unveiled second quarter findings from its survey, the Mobile Media Monitor. The survey reveals that mobile owners are increasingly loyal to the medium and, across every age group, would give up the internet before they gave up their mobile phones. Respondents were asked which medium they would give up last if they had to choose between TV, newspapers, mobile phone, the internet, radio and magazines.

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Research in Motion 1Q Earnings – $132.5 Million


Research in Motion Ltd., maker of the popular BlackBerry wireless e-mail device, reported it more-than-doubled first-quarter profit on Wednesday, but investors reacted negatively to the results and RIM’s shares fell over 7 percent in recent after-hours trading.

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White Ninja Reviewed


White Ninja
From the first release in 1979 Pac-Man was a major success, it would later become a pop-culture icon of the 1980s and be forever synonymous with Atari and console gaming. It was the first game to appeal to a wide audience from young to old or male or female. Now you can also enjoy Pac-Man on your Blackberry, well a clone of it anyways. BerryGames has released a clone of Pac-Man called White Ninja. We had a chance to play with it and it definitely brought back some fond memories.

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New GPS-Based Zagat Guide Wins Nextel Fourth Annual Java Developer Contest


Nextel Communications Inc. named Zagat for BlackBerry(R) from Greystripe Inc. the winner of the 2004/2005 BlackBerry 7520(TM) Location Challenge, the fourth annual enterprise Java(TM) 2 Platform, Micro Edition (J2ME(TM) Platform) Developer Contest. Sponsored in conjunction with Research In Motion (RIM) (Nasdaq:RIMM), the Java Developer Contest was open to independent software vendors and developers who design location-based applications for the BlackBerry 7520.

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RIM To Post First-Quarter Earnings Today


RIM is going to post their first-quarter earning today at 5pm Eastern Time. Many analyst expect a strong quarter for the Waterloo company. Merrill, which rates the company at “buy” with a price target of $107, expects Research In Motion to earn 53 cents per share on sales of $450 million in the first quarter. The research firm expects first-quarter handheld shipments of 810,000, up 100,000 sequentially, at an average selling price of $374, with subscriber additions of 586,000, bringing the BlackBerry total user base to 3.1 million.

You can watch the live webcast of the conference call below:

SMS Broadcast Reviewed


SMS Broadcast
You see it almost everyday on the streets and in public, teenagers furious typing away on their cell phones SMS’ing or texting their friends. Europe and Japan, SMS has become main stream but SMS is still much the domain of teenagers in North America, but that is slowly changing. It is the youth equivalent of an executive typing and sending an email on their Blackberry. However there are still times that we Blackberry users need to send out an SMS, usually to reach non-Blackberry users. Other than Nextel and Mike Telus users, all of us can compose an SMS one at a time on our Blackberry, but a new program called SMS Broadcast by DiziLife lets us automatically send out the same SMS to multiple recipients.

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