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eFile Desktop

The eFile Desktop application runs on your Windows machine and allows you to quickly move files to and from the DynoPlex wireless server. The program has a very easy to use interface and lists the local computer folders on the left and the server folders on the right. Moving a file file to or from the server is as simple as dragging and dropping a file from one side to the other (it’s essentially an FTP program). This program provides a very convenient alternative to using the web interface at www.dynoplex.com.

eFile Desktop also includes the capability to help you synchronize the files between your device and your computer. When your BlackBerry is cradled or plugged in to the PC, you can execute an auto-synchronization of the file list on your device. Then, using eFile Desktop, you are able to move files to and from your device - and convert them automatically into proper eOffice and MS Office document formats. Our testing showed that the conversions of basic documents worked flawlessly, but when trying to edit an MS Office file with images embedded and some other more advanced stylizing, our results were far less successful. We took our neatly formatted document from MS Word and sent it to the device using eFile Desktop. We then edited the file on our testing unit and saved our results. >From there, we moved the file back onto the desktop and opened the file to find that all the formatting information and images were no longer in the document.


eWord is essentially a small version of MS Word. Many of the features you’re accustomed to are present in this mobile program. Here is a list of the features you can access via the menus from within eWord:

File Menu
-Create new file
-Edit existing file (including ones that were attached to emails)
-Save As
-E-mail the Document as Rich
Edit Menu
Font Menu
-Next Font
-Previous Font
Format Menu
-Left Align
-Center Align
-Right Align
-1.2.3. List
-A.B.C. List
Tools Menu
-Spelling (Spell Check)
-Send Fax
-Word Count

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