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eWorks is a rich email client and PIM application. It includes the ability to send attachments, spell check emails, work with attachments, and view and compose html emails. The first time you run the program, you will be asked to set up your POP or IMAP email account. After entering the settings, the program will attempt to synchronize your BB’s contacts and your server’s inbox. If for some reason the first time your program does not recognize the contacts from your address book, clicking on the eWorks folder in the folder tree will present an option to “resync” (at the very bottom of the list). This option is supposed to force the application to go through your BB again and pick up information it may have missed. Unfortunately, in our testing, eWorks did not find any of our contacts, nor did it list the emails in the inbox on our mail server. This problem continued even after reinstalling the application and using the resync option several times. In our testing, we did notice that once we updated any of the entries in the BlackBerry Address Book application (Edit, then Save), that individual contact would show up in eWorks.

Composing an email with attachments is a convenience most BlackBerry users wish they had built into the OS, but find themselves looking to third-party applications to fill the void. eWorks actually handles the messaging attachments quite nicely. The compose process is very straight forward and can be done by clicking on the New button on the top toolbar or by clicking the thumb-wheel on the Inbox folder and selecting New. From there, you simply select the address or addresses you want to send the email to, and you are then presented with a typical email compose box. At the bottom of the compose box is a button labeled attachments. Clicking on the button brings up a navigation folder where you can browse the files on your local device or on DynoPlex’s wireless server. Another great feature of eWorks is the ability to spell check the email before it gets sent out. The spell check feature works just as it does in the eWord application. The response time for the checking is very good and is usually starting spell checking in less than 10 seconds. The inbox of the application also lets you save attachments from emails you receive. This can be extremely useful when you need to view a document on the road.

The attachment sending does not appear to be without its bugs. When we tried emailing a simple eCell/Excel document saved locally, the attachment we received would not properly open in Excel. Instead we were greeted with an abundance of foreign characters and other garbage. Luckily we had better luck when sending eWord documents. Another warning, if you attempt to leave the subject of the email blank, it will show up as “null” when it arrives at the destination.

If you’re an inbox neat freak, you may not find “left-overs” to be a pleasant addition. For every message sent through eWorks, you will see a saved draft of your email, an email sent to the DynoPlex Mail Robot (which actually processes everything), and an email from DynoPlex telling you your email was successfully processed. If you are sending out several different emails, your inbox will quickly be cluttered.

eWorks also provides users an alternative interface for tasks, contacts, and the calendar. While it doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense to use them on a regular basis, having the option available is handy and can be very convenient while working in eWorks.

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