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PDF Viewer

PDF Viewer is a convenient piece of the eOffice suite that allows users to quickly view PDF files (as the name would lead you to guess) stored locally on the BlackBerry or on the DynoPlex server. The application provides very handy navigational options while viewing the files. Menu options allow you to quickly go to the top or bottom of the document or scroll up, down, left, or right. PDF Viewer allows you to begin viewing the document as soon as it is partially loaded. This allows you to start viewing the file before the entire file has downloaded. A download percentage shows up in the upper left-hand corner of the screen while the document loads, so you can easily keep track of how much of the document has actually loaded. This feature comes in handy when viewing large (by mobile device standards) documents. In our testing, we used an approximately 120 KB PDF document, and were able to begin reading the beginning in about 10 seconds. The application also appears to not download any embedded images. In all our documents, any images contained in the document did not show up. While this featured could be a problem if you were in need of seeing an image in the file, but it certainly seems to speed the download of the files. The only drawback we could see to this application is that the text did not appear centered on the screen, so we were forced to scroll from left to right while trying to read paragraphs.

PPT Viewer

PPT Viewer is an application that is designed to allow you to browse MS Power Point documents. In our testing, this helper app was less than impressive. We tried testing the application with a simple two slide document (loaded via eFile Desktop), and found a couple issues. First, the program greeted our document with an error as follows: “This presentation contains content that your browser may not be able to show properly. This presentation was optimized for more recent versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer.” Underneath this was the HTML slide version, which is apparently what triggered the error in the first place. In addition to that unsightly error message, it took over 30 seconds to load the document - the document was only approximately 30KB. Finally, don’t even think about trying to get the Power Point file from your BB to a computer again, because eFile Desktop will not reconvert the document to a .ppt file. Instead, it leaves the file in a .ept format. In a pinch, this program would be sufficient to see information in the document, but its slow performance makes it very difficult to use frequently.

Image Viewer

Image Viewer is an application designed to allow users to easily view JPG and GIF format documents saved locally and on the server. The application is designed to easily scroll through larger images via menu navigation. We found this program to be especially useful when we were looking to email image files stored on the DynoPlex server, and had to find the correct file to send.

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