eOffice Professional Reviewed

User Interface

The UI of eOffice Pro is very intuitive and makes you feel (within reason) like you’re working at your PC in each of the applications. Familiar toolbar icons and menu labels make performing the supported tasks quick and easy. Navigating between different portions of the screen can be slightly cumbersome at times, and definitely takes some getting used to. You will find that in order to change focus to another part of the screen, most of the time you will have to click escape. From there, the only thing that typically tells you what is selected is a faint outline around the item or entire box.

By far the biggest drawback to this suite as a whole is the font size used through the applications. The font size in certain parts of the application - like the email composition window - can be so small that it becomes almost impossible to tell the difference between a “c” and an “o”. We realize that DynoPlex was attempting to maximize screen real-estate, but the font size needs to be bigger so you don’t have to squint to read what you’ve typed.


The general performance of eOffice is quite good. Almost all the major functions execute in just a few seconds. We were especially impressed by the speed of the spell checking feature and eCell in general. The one thing that needs major performance improvement is the browsing of folders both on the device and on the wireless server. We found it to take almost five seconds to change between folders on the local device and anywhere from 15-60 seconds to browse folders stored on the wireless server. This delay makes it very annoying to try and organize your data into subfolders, as you know it will take you quite some time to find the folder and file you need.


DynoPlex has put together quite an impressive suite of applications with eOffice. The general functionality of these applications is very good and gives you a lot of power to put together basic documents on the road. We were hoping that an application suite whose pricing starts at $119.95 and goes up too $199.95 would provide us with a little bit more reliability when moving the documents between our BlackBerry and PC. We were especially disappointed when the attached spreadsheet documents wouldn’t open properly in Excel and when we couldn’t get eWorks to recognize our contact list. The vision for eOffice is great, but it appears that each piece of the suite needs to be pinned down a little bit more. Most notably, the font size issue needs to be take care of before the program could be used consistently. DynoPlex’s support staff has assured us that it will be addressed in future releases. If you must absolutely have the ability to view and edit MS Office documents, eOffice is for you, but if you are just looking to view an occasional document, you may want to find a more cost effective solution.

For more information on eOffice, visit: http://www.dynoplex.com/

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