eOffice Professional Reviewed


DynoPlex’s latest productivity suite for BlackBerry handhelds is eOffice. eOffice is an integrated suite of productivity applications for BlackBerry devices that allow users to create, edit, and email files in standard MS Word and Excel formats. When combined with DynoPlex’s wireless server, eOffice gives you an abundance of options to work with files on the go. Read the extensive review below for an in-depth review of the entire suite.


The eOffice installation is about as easy and straightforward as applications come. The program is delivered in the form of an executable windows install program that will automatically trigger the Desktop Manager/Application Loader to install the proper files to your device. In addition to starting the process of installing the applications on your BlackBerry, the install program also loads user manuals for eCell, eWord, and eWork, the eFile Desktop application, and an uninstall application into a convenient location under Start > Programs > DynoPlex. All the manuals are PDF files.


Registration of your newly licensed software is very straight forward. When you install the application and run it for the first time, you will be prompted to answer some basic registration questions. You will be prompted with the question of whether you’d like to activate a commercial license, sign up for a free trial, or confirm an existing registration. Next you will be presented with a list of carriers. After choosing your carrier, it will prompt you for your registration key (if you are activating a license). After the program contacts the server, you be asked if you will a list of your purchased applications and subscriptions. If you are signing up for a free 7 day trial, you will be prompted for some basic personal information, and will receive your registration info via email shortly after submitting the information.