BlackBerry: CRM’s Paradox


Louis Columbus, a writer for CRM Buyer, wrote an article about BlackBerry usage and CRM. The basic question he asked was, “why aren’t more companies using BlackBerries for their CRM?” Many companies now have partnerships with Research In Motion (RIM, provider of BlackBerries), but the actual usage is much less. Large CRM vendors like Microsoft, Siebel,, SAP, and Onyx offer BlackBerry options, but usage just has not picked up. This “lack of interest” could be for several reasons. Columbus believes that one issue is the security of BlackBerries. Having access to customer information all the time might lead to possible security problems, which makes some companies hesitant to adopt the technology. Columbus also said that some companies have just not gotten their CRM strategy to the point where it could handle the adoption of an entire wireless system. Additionally, it is very difficult to get legacy and third-party systems connected to a platform. Even the most advanced companies experience difficulties. What vendors need to do is expand on their wireless networks, and show how BlackBerry usage can truly help a company have more success with CRM. According to CRM Buyer:

Solving the paradox of CRM on BlackBerries starts with a focus on predicting and responding to clients first, and for many companies the goal of upselling their customer base can serve as a galvanizing point in applying this technology. For many companies, however, their lack of ability in defining processes to get real-time data to sales reps in the first place keeps BlackBerries in the role of roving e-mail client.

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