Telsta Australia: Still No Blackberry Service


AFTER more than 24 hours of blackout, Telstra still does not know when its BlackBerry wireless email service will be restored. The problems began at 10 am (AEST) on Wednesday. “The problem is in a third party network somewhere in North America and we are still trying to resolve it,” Telstra spokesman Rod Bruem said.

“I’m still waiting for my emails to appear - it’s been more than 24 hours, and I’m getting cross,” one user told AustralianIT.

“I don’t have any clarity about when it will be fixed,” Mr Bruem said. Telstra thought it had fixed the problem on Wednesday night, but users have continued to report issues with the service.

Telstra had compensation arrangements in place for business customers, Mr Bruem said. “We have established policies in place of business customers if they feel they have experienced a loss due to loss of service,” he said.

Mr Bruem said that although Canada-based BlackBerry manufacturer RIM routes email from around the world sent via its handheld units, it was not to blame for the outage. “Email from BlackBerries gets sent to Canada and back and there is something wrong with that process,” he said.

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