Notifire Reviewed


The following options are available for each contact:

Category – You can distinguish contacts via Category which is nice because you can then mass edit a category instead of a contact one-by-one.

Song – There are 12 options to choose for the songs, 11 songs and an option for no sound.

Volume – Low, medium, high.

Vibrate – Yes or no.

LED – Flashing LED or none.

Backlight – Yes or no.

Timeout – 1, 5, or 20 minutes.

As you can see there is a wide variety of options to customize and distinguished between users. For example, I can set the ring tone to Queen’s Under Pressure when the boss emails, or Barney’s I Love You when the wife emails. As you can see, Notifire is a lot more powerful than Level 1 messaging. An analogy (albeit a bad one) that could be made is that Level 1 messages is black and white (important or not), and Notifire can be thought as a rainbow (many options).

So now you’re all set up with your list with contacts that you have set up with notification. Now when a contact sends you an email a small dialogue box will appear where you can do a ‘Quick View’ or ‘Dismiss’. The Quick View is nice but there’s no direct option to Reply. If you get tired of the notification you can always quickly disable all your notification, a particular category, or an individual contact. Re-enabling notification is just as simple.

The program does have ability to improve like the option to add your own ring tones instead of the default 11 songs, mass edit a category or to have the ability to import your entire contact list at once. This will make it easier for users that have a large address book. With that in mind we would still recommend Notifire, after a couple days you wonder how you lived without it. It allows you to relax and not become such a crackberry addict always checking your device every few seconds.

The program is available for $19.99 at Neon Toad,

Visit the following page for screenshots …