Bubblet Reviewed


When we first saw the screenshots for the new game of Bubblet by Kragesoft we thought it was some sort Tetris/Bejeweled type of game where you have to beat the clock. Instead what we got with Bubblet is a strategic/puzzle game where the objective of the game is to connect the circles of the same kind as many as possible to hopefully clear the screen of all circles. A very simple premise but yet very addictive.

When we started digging for background information of the game, we found that Bubblet is a clone of a 1992 game called SameGame, created by Eiji Fukumoto in 1992 for the Unix platform. We don’t feel too bad not knowing the history of SameGame seeing that you had to be one uber-geek to have been gaming on a Unix box in the early 90’s. SameGame was later ported to the Palm device and renamed to Bubblet in the late 90’s which just goes to show how far behind the Blackberry development community is compared to Palm.

Now that we cleared the history of Bubblet, it’s time to examine the game. Like we mentioned before the objective is to clear consecutive same colored circles to hopefully clear the whole board. Remember this is a puzzle game so when you clear circles there are no new circles that regenerate, so make your choices wisely. The minimum consecutive circles that you can clear is 2, which may not seem that hard but trust us, later in the game it does become challenging to find 2 consecutive colored circles.

Bubblet has 3 sizes of boards, small, medium, and large. Before starting a game with a large board you should know that there is no ‘continue’ function after you close Bubblet which can be frustrating. You can always run the program in the background but we found the game slows down the device too much. There is the ability to have sound but that becomes annoying so we recommend always keeping it off.

Overall we did enjoy the game, it has a ton of replay ability because the game is so simple yet challenging and addicting all rolled into one. Our only complaint is that there is no ‘continue’ function but hopefully Kragesoft the developers will address this in the next update. Just like Windows Solitaire, Bubblet is perfectly suited to pass the time.

The program is available for $8.99 at Neon Toad, http://www.neontoad.com

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