MiniSafe Reviewed


Adding new information is a simple process, wheel-click and select ‘new’. Each category has personalized fields so if you were to add a credit card you’ll be asked for number, expiry date, PIN number, and bank. You can also customize the information’s icon to make it easier to find on the main screen. A total of 28 icons are available for selection.

Like we mentioned before you can input your data using MiniSafe Desktop and sync it to your handheld. You may find it more convenient and easy to input data in your desktop environment. When you cannot access to your desktop, you may input your data using MiniSafe for BlackBerry and sync it back to your desktop. MiniSafe Desktop is optional but we highly recommend to install it.

MiniSafe is a program that we highly recommend, it allows you to securely keep sensitive information safe. Yes you can set a password lock your entire Blackberry, but that gets very annoying especially when you check your email constantly.

The program is available for $24.75 at Neon Toad,

Visit the following page for screenshots …