Ascendo Money Reviewed


One interesting feature of Ascendo Money that is purely cosmetic is the ability to switch between different styles. They obviously took a clue from RIM and how it has different themes for the 7100. The feature is “cool” but totally trivial but it’s always nice to see something new from a developer.

One feature that is not so trivial is the ability for Ascendo Money to send a .csv file via email. This feature makes the program, otherwise it would just be a glorified memo pad.
This allows you to sync up your Ascendo Money transactions with your Quicken or Microsoft Money accounts. You can’t do a reverse sync and quite frankly there is no reason to sync Ascendo Money with your financial program. Ascendo Program should be used mainly as an expense tracker to help you better keep track of your expenses not to balance your books on your Blackberry.

Other than the issue with how Ascendo Money treats all transactions the same, the program is solid. It is easy to setup, navigate and use which is crucial because if it’s too much of a pain you would just stop using the program.

The program is available for $14.95 at Neon Toad,

Visit the following page for screenshots …