HillCast Introduces More Affordable MidCast Program


HillCast Technologies announced today the limited availability of MidCast, a mobile financial application designed specifically for the non-financial professional that wants real-time, continuous stock quotes and business news on their mobile devices. The limited availability phase will run until August 10. Customers who sign up prior to that date will not be charged for the first two weeks of their service.

MidCast, which will initially run on select models of the BlackBerry and PocketPC, delivers real-time, continuous U.S. equities prices and news as well as the ability to track 20 specific stocks in a convenient “watchlist.”

HillCast already markets MidCast PRO, an elaborate and more sophisticated application designed for active traders and companies in the financial services industry. However, HillCast CEO Gary D. Markin believes there are consumers that don’t need the full breadth of data and tools that MidCast PRO offers.

“Just as companies, such as Research in Motion, Inc., have been actively marketing to the increasingly tech-savvy general public, we believe there is a market for an affordable, real-time financial application,” said Markin. “With MidCast, consumers can monitor stock prices and the news anywhere, any time.”