Total Fitness Reviewed


Although diet is key to losing weight, we can’t forget exercising. No point in losing all the weight without having any muscles to show. So Total Fitness has added an exercise part of the program where you can choose from various sports or use the weight training feature. With the sports activity you enter the intensity and duration and Total Fitness will automatically calculate the calorie expenditure. Weight training is the most interesting part, it allows you to keep track of your weight lifting progress. There are over 60 exercises to choose from and you can select the weight and repetition for each set of your weight training exercise. It provides some benefits of using pen and paper, one being that you can easily go back to a certain date and see your progress, be it last week or 6 months and 2 weeks.

With the chart feature you can view a weekly and monthly graphical view of your nutrient intake, exercise, body measurement, and progress charts. If you have set a goal you will see a red line which represents your goal level, it’s a quick easy way to see if you have succeeded or not.

We weren’t blown away with the looks of the program seeing how most of the program is text-based. However when you dig deep and use the program you can see how easy and useful Total Fitness could be. With over 5,000 food items and the ability to track your work outs it makes life easy and there’s no more second guessing …

The program is available for $14.95 at Neon Toad,

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