SportSeeker Reviewed


There’s a playoff game on but your girlfriend or wife has already bought tickets to the play tonight. Sound familiar, it is an inevitable situation that you’ll find yourself in by being in a relantionship. You try so hard to go to the reschedule the play for another time but you know from past experiences that you will always be on the losing end. Now you can at least keep up to date with the score with a new program by ActiveSky called SportSeeker. SportSeeker allows you to get the latest sport news, results, schedules & stats right to your Blackberry. We’re going to look at how SportSeeker compares with using your Blackberry browser to get the latest sport information.

Seeing how the program is very graphic intensive, you will need to make sure to get the proper version for your Blackberry model. Also make sure that you can connect to the internet seeing how the program connects to internet server to retrieve the latest information.

After we got everything installed and launched the program for the first time we were very impressed with the graphics of the program. It’s a nice change from all the text-based programs we’ve been reviewing. The main screen is split into four quadrants where you can choose from the major sports leagues in North America: NFL, NHL, MLB and NBA. Don’t be fooled though, SportSeeker tracks additional sports, just need to click a few more links. These sports are NCAA Football, NCAA Basketball, Nextel Cup, and Golf.