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Speck Products Introduces ToughSkins for Blackberry 7500 Series

Speck Products announces a new line of ruggedized skins for SmartPhones. The ToughSkin rubberized skin for Blackberry 7520 feature rugged protection for tougher environments. Their ruggedized design features a non-slip feel, screen and keypad protection, and a deluxe swivel holster. The unique rugged ‘bumpers’ and molded ergonomic grips improve ‘thumb typing’ and provide maximum protection from drops, knocks and bumps.

“SmartPhone customers need tougher cases for these delicate phones,” said Tim Hickman, general manager of Speck Products. “The Blackberry 7520 show up at a lot of construction-type job sites where a ruggedized case is essential for the rough, tough, dirtier environment. ‘Ruggedized’ is not just for looks- it gives that extra level of protection needed for SmartPhones on job sites.”

The ToughSkin SmartPhone skins are perfect for users who want to give maximum protection to their investment and improve usability at the same time. Both models include a ruggedized ToughSkin case, deluxe 360 swivel holster, removable rubberized keypad protector and removable screen protector. ToughSkins for TREO 650 and RIM’s Blackberry 7520/7510 are available now on Speck’s website and priced at $34.95.

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