Can’t Send SMS Messages?

You are able to receive but unable to send short message service (SMS) messages. When you attempt to send an SMS message from your BlackBerry® handheld, an X is displayed beside the message, indicating it has not been sent. When you open the unsent SMS message, Packet Error is displayed. The cause is that your handheld is trying to send out an SMS in a wrong format.

To resolve:

1. From the Home screen on the handheld, go to Options -> SMS.
2. Scroll down to Network To Send Over and click the trackwheel. Select Change Option -> GPRS.
3. Scroll up to Data Coding and click the trackwheel. If the default setting was 7 bit, change it to 8 bit. If the default setting was 8 bit, change it to 7 bit.
4. Click the trackwheel and select Save. If the problem persists, contact your wireless service provider.

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  1. 1 brian

    Hi. Don’t seem to be able to resolve an SMS problem. Recently i have been given a pearl 8100 by my brother. At the moment i am using it simply as a cell (without push mail)untill i find a suitable conttract for the full service.
    At the moment i am able to receive sms’s but cannot reply or send. When pressing the menu button i get given option of sending/composing email but not the sms. Everything i have tried ends up in beiign given the opportunity to send an email but not sms.

  2. 2 Steve

    I have the same problem as Brian with a used 7290 Blackberry. I can receive text messages but do not have an option to reply or send one. I have went thru the help desk at att and they were not able to resolve the problem.

  3. 3 Steve

    I think i have found a solution to the problem on my phone, I have the wrong device manger program downloaded to my puter. I am going to delete the program and download the correct one.
    Hopefully that will fix the problem.

  4. 4 Dexter

    hy.. i have a bigger problem than the boys above.. i have all options for sending SMS but it still doesnt work.. thats the same with my calls.. i can recive calls and SMS but cant send a SMS or establish a call. when i tried to call someone than i hear 3-4 times a little beep and there stays :number unobtainable… if someone can help me, please contakt me at: with the subject: BlackBerry Problem!

  5. 5 Pim

    I have the same issue on the same blackberry model. Can you let me know which device manager you installed?

  6. 6 Steve

    Sorry to say Pim I haven’t figured out how to remove all the software to my phone. My tech friend in another state has suggested I have corporate software on the phone. It will not let me delete the base software in the memory so I can load the correct software to the device. I have used the delete tool in the security options but that only deletes the user info, the corporate software is still running in the background. I am open to suggestions on how to completely wipe the phones software. other than soaking it in water.

  7. 7 Taj

    Here’s my problem, and I would appreciate any help available:
    I sent a number of sms texts out on Thursday to tell people Happy Thanksgiving. Some of them didn’t go through (either the numbers were bad or their phones don’t have txting capability). Now, though, when I try to send a txt the little clock icon stays next to each one like it’s waiting to send, but it never sends. No “X”, just the clock. any help?

  8. 8 terrance

    hey i have an blackberry pearl 8110(at&t)
    and i can send sms but not receive any

  9. 9 Lauren

    Hi, im having the same problem, when i go into my options—-> SMS.. It only gives me 4 options..
    Disable auto text- No
    Priority- Normal
    Callback Number - ### ### ####
    Number of previous numbers - 7

    Help :)
    It just started doing this recently for some reason:S

    Thanks a bunch

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