Message Alert Reviewed

Message Alert by Vodaberry is a new program that allows you to filter your emails and SMS directly from your Blackberry. As far as we know, we believe it is the first ever client-side message filter for the Blackberry. You may be thinking to yourself, why would I need that seeing that I can already setup filters through Outlook and/or the Desktop Manager. Well you’re right, we had the same sentiments but after a few hours with the program we had changed our mind greatly. Read the full review below …

Like we mentioned before, when we first read about Message Alert we thought it couldn’t serve much more of a purpose than the filters used through Desktop Manager. However there are a few things that Message Alert does differently, like the ability to add pop up, LED, and sound alerts. Another powerful feature is that you can also write a custom reply as a filter, like an “Out of the office” type message.

The full list of options is:

- Sound/Vibrate
- Pop up Notification
- LED Notification
- Delete It
- Forward to
- Forward as SMS to
- Mark as read
- Reply with

There is even an option to set a time frame for filters. So you can have a “Don’t bother me, I am off of work” filter for the weekend which probably is a good idea for some of us.

3 Responses to “Message Alert Reviewed”

  1. 1 Nicholas Stewart

    This software is for both BES users as well as the individual web client users. Web client users do not have the settings referred to above in desktop manager. In addition an update will be released shortly that will allow you to assign your own ringtones to individuals as well as control blackberry settings from your desktop.

    Nicholas Stewart,

  2. 2 Gillian


    Thanks for your input, blackberry web client users do have the ability to filter messages. Although not as robust as Message Alert or the Desktop Manager, there still is that option available.

    With that in mind, your program is still very well done and we can’t wait until the next version update.


  3. 3 Donald Mann

    I have what looks like the same program but I bought it from WebMessenger. Is it the same program?

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