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Setting Up Dial Pause and Waiting


Pausing a During Dialing
Do you frequently bank over the phone and are tired of constantly going through the menus and having to enter your bank card number? Well there’s an easier solution, you can setup a dialing string so you can quickly get to where you want in the phone IVR and not fiddle around looking for your bank card. As you can see from the screenshot you can insert a wait or pause to separate additional digits (for example, a password or extension) from the main telephone number. When dialing a phone number that contains a pause, the handheld will pause for two seconds before dialing the remaining numbers. When dialing a phone number that contains a wait, the handheld displays a Dial Extension screen prompting you to either dial the remaining numbers, skip the remaining numbers, or end the call.

A typical phone will usually work by using ‘.’ and ‘,’ but the Blackberry is a bit different, click on more to learn how …

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Ask Us! No Emails While Connected To Desktop Manager


Jim asked us,

I just realized that when I connect my Blackberry to my computer that I stop receiving emails. I would like to fix this but have no idea how

There is an option to stop receiving messages while your Blackberry is connected to the computer, which is called cradling. To fix this do the following:

1. Go to BlackBerry Desktop Manager –> Redirector Settings –> General tab –> deselect the option for Don’t forward when handheld is in the cradle or Disable email redirection while your handheld is connected and click Apply.
2. Select the Don’t forward when handheld is in the cradle or Disable email redirection while your handheld is connected again –> click Apply –> OK.

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BlackBerry® Connectivity Available for Cyrus IMAP Server Using Consilient2


Consilient today launched software that provides complete BlackBerry® email connectivity to the Cyrus IMAP Server. Cyrus users can now use any BlackBerry Wireless Handheld and access push email from their messaging platform. For Cyrus users with Oracle Calendar, Consilient2 also supports wireless calendar on BlackBerry in conjunction with push email.

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AOL Betas Mobile Search


AOL Mobile
AOL has started testing AOL Mobile Search Services, a new service for wireless phone users to search the Internet, have been unveiled by America Online. The service allows users to link to regular web pages by reformatting them for the small screens of mobile phones, using technology from InfoGin Ltd, a mobile technology company based in Israel. The mobile search facility from AOL is said to tie in with a local directory search from Yellow Pages, enabling users to locate shopping information.

AOL has reportedly seen many of its users move to cable operators and telephone companies providing high-speed Internet access, and the testing of the mobile service is believed to be an endeavour to move away from the computer.

The site can be accessed from mobile phones by entering

Houston To Purchase 1,600 Blackberrys


Cingular Logo
The City of Houston has awarded Cingular Wireless a five-year, $8 million contract to provide voice and data services to employees of America’s fourth largest city. The new contract, which represents about 80 percent of the City’s planned wireless expenditures over the next half-decade, includes the deployment of more than 1,600 EDGE-enabled PC modem cards and BlackBerry(TM) handhelds. Cingular also will continue to provide voice services for more than 3,800 wireless phones that it retains from previous agreements with the City.

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Blackjack Buddy Reviewed


Blackjack Buddy
At the present moment, Texas Hold’em is the most fashionable game to play but we can’t ignore the old classic of Blackjack. It still is the game with the most favorable odds and has been proven that it can be beaten. The MIT Blackjack Team proved it, a group of students or ex-students from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology who from 1979 to the start of the 21st century were regularly beating the house until they were barred from most casinos. Although not quite as exciting as beating the house for millions, you can live some of the excitement on your Blackberry with Blackjack Buddy. Read our review below …

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