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Ask Us! Emails Showing Up As Attachments


George Chavez asked us

I’m not too sure how it happen but recently all my emails having been showing up as an attachment. It’s becoming a pain opening up every email as an attachment just to read it.

Any ideas?

This problem can only occur with Blackberry users using Novell Groupwise. It’s when a user specifies Default Read View to HTML and not to Plain Text. You will need to change it back and below is how:

1. Open the GroupWise Client.
2. Click Tools > Options.
3. Double-Click Environment.
4. Click on the Views tab.
5. Select Mail under Item Type.
6. Change Default Read View to Plain Text.

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Speck Products Introduces ToughSkins for Blackberry 7500 Series


Speck Product 7500
Speck Products announces a new line of ruggedized skins for SmartPhones. The ToughSkin rubberized skin for Blackberry 7520 feature rugged protection for tougher environments. Their ruggedized design features a non-slip feel, screen and keypad protection, and a deluxe swivel holster. The unique rugged ‘bumpers’ and molded ergonomic grips improve ‘thumb typing’ and provide maximum protection from drops, knocks and bumps.

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Motorola Unveils Blackberry Competitor


Motorola Q
Motorola Inc., the world’s second biggest mobile phone maker, unveiled on Monday an ultra thin mobile phone with a keyboard, aimed at people who have become addicted to Blackberry e-mail and messaging devices.Motorola said the latest handset, dubbed the “Q,” was inspired by the ultra-thin design of its popular Razr phone — which has become a design icon and status symbol. The “Q” is slimmer than the Razr and about 50 percent thinner than top rival phones that have tiny keyboards built-in, it said.

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Jon Maddox, Winner Of ‘Favorite Blackberry Program’ Contest


Congratulations to Jon Maddox for winning the ‘Favorite Blackberry Program’ Weekend Contest. For that he gets a freecopy of Premium Wallpapers. Jon Maddox’s favorite Blackberry program is Berry411 the free directory program for the Blackberry handhelds. Jon Maddox wasn’t alone, seems like a lot of other people are a fan of Berry411 with a total of five people mentioning it as their favorite.

We want to think all the other entrants, stay tune for our next Weekend Contest …

WorldMagic Reviewed


WorldMagic is a program that should be default on your Blackberry. It allows you to display four simultaneous local times for any city in the world. Seeing how the Blackberry is a favorite of many business types this program is essential for the ones that operate and correspond globally. And in the age of globalization the number of individuals and firms that do are rapidly growing. So the next best thing is to purchase WorldMagic, read our mini review below:

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Configure Lightweight Directory Access Protocol for the BlackBerry Enterprise Server


Lightweight Directory Access Protocol, is a tcp/ip protocol that enables users to locate people, organizations, and other resources in an Internet directory or intranet directory. This enables the Blackberry Enterprise Server to use LDAP instead of the default Messaging Application Programming Interface (MAPI) for specific functions. Four registry entries are used to configure the Lightweight Directory Access protocol (LDAP) for the BlackBerry Enterprise Server.

Here’s how:

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