RIM Now Leading PDA Vendor According To Gartner


Gartner has come out with a report that shows RIM has finally dethroned Palm as being the number one PDA manufacturer. Although a bit against the norm being that Gartner has labeled all the QWERTY Blackberrys as a PDA but does not factor in Blackberry 7100 sales for RIM or Palm Treo sales for Palm. Even more bewildering, Gartner claims that PDA sales are up 32% whereas every other study on the PDA market has shown a decline.

According to Gartner’s numbers, the numbers break down as RIM being the leading vendor with 23.2 percent of the worldwide PDA market compared to 18.6 percent a year ago. Palm suffered a major decline from first position with 33.2 percent of the market a year ago to second place with 17.8 percent this year. The study had HP in third place and Nokia in fourth.

“The steady growth in the PDA market can be attributed to a combination of factors,” Todd Kort, a Gartner principal analyst, said in a statement. “Wireless PDAs are increasingly seen as an adjunct or alternative to notebook computers, while favorable exchange rates have enabled more Europeans to purchase PDAs at an attractive price.”

The study found that Microsoft’s Windows Mobile platform is the leading platform for PDAs by almost a two-to-one margin over RIM’s platform. That’s because multiple vendors use the Microsoft platform. The Palm OS is in third place, according to Gartner.

Gartner provided this explanation of what it considers a PDA:
“A data-centric handheld computer weighing less than one pound that is primarily designed for use with both hands. These devices use an open market operating system supported by third-party applications that can be added into the device by end users. They offer instant on/off capability and synchronization of files with a PC. A PDA may offer WAN support for voice, but these are data-first, voice-second devices.”

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