Use YahooME to Search by SMS


If you haven’t had a chance to play with Yahoo!SMS you are definitely missing out. Yahoo!SMS provides a search service by SMS, send a query via SMS and then in a few seconds you’ll receive your results from Yahoo via a new SMS message. Yahoo!SMS is great because it can tailor your results locally, for example you can search for ‘pizza’ and Yahoo!SMS will return the pizza parlors in your ZIP code.

Now YahooME created by Erik C. Thauvin simplifies this process by creating a simple and quick front-end for Yahoo!SMS. To get local results you had to always enter your ZIP code, but with YahooME your ZIP code is stored in the program making it quicker to get local results. There is also no need to remember any search query strings like ‘horo’ for horoscopes or ‘Define’ for definitions.

Now you may be telling us, well Berry411 does all of this and a little bit more. You will be right, but there is one advantage with using YahooME. With YahooME you get an SMS message that you can retrieve anytime without searching again. So instead of constantly searching for Chinese food restaurants in your area you can refer back to the SMS message in your inbox.

The following searches are available:

Local Listings
Stock Quotes
Daily Horoscopes
WIFI Hotspots
Area Codes
Zip Codes

To install the OTA (Over-The-Air) link is:

Or Visit: