UT System Wins $1.8M Settlement From RIM

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The University of Texas System has garnered a $1.8 million settlement in a federal patent lawsuit against Research in Motion Ltd. The UT System sued Ontario-based Research in Motion Ltd. and Research in Motion Corp., which makes the popular BlackBerry mobile devices, claiming that the company infringed upon the software patent developed at the University of Texas at Arlington.

Research in Motion will pay the Board of Regents $1.8 million, a portion of which will go toward the University of Texas at Arlington in the form of a research grant. Further, Research in Motion obtained license rights to the Board of Regents’ so-called “112 Patent,” titled “Character Pattern Recognition and Communications Apparatus.”

This lawsuit is part of more than 40 companies named in three lawsuits filed by the Board of Regents in relation to the 112 Patent earlier this year.

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