RIM Denied NTP Patent Rehearing


A US appeals court has denied RIM’s petition for a rehearing of its long-running patent dispute with NTP. The decision once again raising the possibility of an injunction on sales of RIM’s popular Blackberry devices in the US. However, the court also reversed one of the more controversial aspects of its December 2004 decision that upheld NTP’s claims of infringement.

Barring additional appeals, the case now appears headed back to a lower court in Virginia, where NTP will seek an injunction against sales of the BlackBerry devices in the US, said the company’s lawyer. NTP was previously granted an injunction by the same court, but that injunction was stayed pending RIM’s appeal of a 2002 jury verdict that found the BlackBerry devices violated NTP’s patents.

A spokeswoman for RIM said the company was still reviewing the decision, and had no immediate comment.