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We’ve been waiting for this for a long time. Someone has finally come out with a Tetris clone for the Blackberry, that someone is KrageSoft and the game is called Assembler. Everything that is in the original Tetris game minus the music of course has been brought over to Assembler. Kragesoft has even tried to improve the game by adding several new shapes when you reach higher levels.

This game has been on our wish list for awhile and were glad to see someone port it. A lot of the popularity of the original Game Boy was due to Tetris. It was the perfect handheld game for that time, addicting game play with zero learning curve. Assembler is much the same, even trying to improve on the original Tetris by adding new shapes to higher levels.

Controls in the game are very natural, you spin the wheel to turn the pieces and hold Alt+Wheel to move left and right. If you’re not a fan of using the wheel you can always use the keypad. One issue we had with the game is the performance, it’s not the most fluid graphics and you will get those times where the hour glass will appear and slow down the game. This is some what of a let down being that the game would be perfect if it ran more smoothly. Hopefully when RIM releases its next generation of handhelds (Electron) they will see a huge increase power.

Assembler may not be as difficult as Tetris on the Game Boy because it runs slower but it still is enjoyable and passes the time. We do however like the fact that they have tried to increase the level of difficulty by adding new shapes. So with everything factored we still would recommend this game except if you’re using a slower Blackberry in particular the 7700 series due to the poor performance.

The program is available for $8.99 at Neon Toad,

Visit the following page for screenshots …

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