Aces Omaha Reviewed


When it comes to poker, Texas Hold’em is king but there is another game waiting to burst on to the scene. This game is called Omaha, which shares a lot of the same aspects of Hold’em but with one major difference. Instead of being dealt two cards initially you are dealt four but play two of your pocket cards, which make for higher porker hands. So that pair of Aces that help you win in Hold’em, won’t get you anywhere in Omaha. We had a chance to look at Aces Omaha by Concrete Software, read our review below.


We have to note that the game is fairly large, pushing the 200kb mark. A lot of it is due to the graphics and sound which are superb in this game, so we can’t really complain.


As we mention before, the graphics and game play of Aces Omaha is superb. We are definitely seeing the bar being raise for new programs coming out for the Blackberry platform. Even the sound effects are pretty decent for a Blackberry game, but it will get tiring afterwards so it’s probably best to keep the sound off. The game play plays smooth without any constant hour glasses showing up.

When we first started playing Omaha the computer were kicking our behind. We quickly realized that strategies that work in Texas Hold’em do not necessarily work in Omaha. It’s actually quite refreshing to learn how to play a new style. With our limited exposure to Omaha we can’t really get a good gauge on how good the AI is, but it does seem like they play pretty well and don’t make any stupid moves.

The betting controls is also pretty intuitive, instead of constantly scrolling your wheel it uses a number system where you just select and click. If you want to bet $1000, just hit the 500 twice.


The game shines with the ability to customize the game, you can customize your name, create new opponents with the ability to choose their skill level, pot size, blind size, and more. There is also the ability to play tournament style where you knock your opponents out until you’re the only one left.

You can also keep track of your progress, statistics are available on number of hands played, hands won, winning percentage, folds, raises, fold total amount bet, tournament wins, etc.


This game was very enjoyable to play, it’s refreshing to play something other than Texas Hold’em. Card games are also nice to pass the time, seeing that you can stop and easily continue your old game. Just make sure to check your memory space before you buy because the game is fairly large.

Aces Omaha is available for $14.99 at Neon Toad,

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